Ben Affleck And Ana De Armas Spend Their First Thanksgiving Together As Engagement Rumors Abound

Ben Affleck And Ana De Armas Spend Their First Thanksgiving Together As Engagement Rumors Abound
Credit: Source: Ana de Armas/Instagram

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have spent their first Thanksgiving together as engagement rumors continue to surround the Deep Water stars. People magazine quoted a source who said that the two spent the holiday back in their Los Angeles home (Ana was spotted moving in with Ben about three months ago) with Ben's three children: Violet, fourteen-years-old, Seraphina, eleven-years-old, and Samuel, eight-years-old. The source stated the following to People.

Ben and Ana seem great. Everyone seemed very happy. Ana has been traveling so she had not seen the kids for a while.

The Thanksgiving dinner follows a period where work separated Ana and Ben and their popular-with-the-paparazzi daily strolls throughout Los Angeles came to a screeching halt, sparking break-up concerns with many fans.

The couple reunited in New Orleans where they were on set reshooting scenes for their upcoming movie Deep Water (it was working on the film where the two fell in love) and Ana was spotted wearing a huge rock on her finger. Some believe the ring is an engagement ring while others suggest it was a movie prop.

While the facts about that ring remain up in the air, Ben and Ana were spotted jewelry shopping in Beverly Hills the day before Thanksgiving!

You may see People's report about Ben and Ana spending Thanksgiving with his children below.

Ben and Ana were then spotted going for a ride on Ben's motorcycle and Ana put on a fashionable display in a bright Eddie Bauer x Karla Cropped Puffer Jacket.

You may see multiple photos of Ben and Ana on the bike with a few shots of Ana's hand visible. Some say they can see an engagement ring while others say they don't.

Some believe that the Deep Water ring was a prop and that Ben actually proposed to Ana shortly before Thanksgiving!

The couple sparked dating rumors in March 2020 and are a few months shy of their first year anniversary. Things are reportedly going well between the couple who appear completely in love with one another. Ben's fans adore Ana and are praising her for being a positive influence in the two-time Oscar-winning actor's life.


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