Bella Thorne Takes Trip To Italy To Spend Time With Her New Boo After Tana Mongeau And Mod Sun Drama!

Bella Thorne Takes Trip To Italy To Spend Time With Her New Boo After Tana Mongeau And Mod Sun Drama!
Credit: Source: ET

Bella Thorne just jetted off to Italy to spend time with her new boo Benjamin Moscalo. The actress is smitten by her man who is one half of the Italian duo Benji and Fede.

Bella is taking a much-needed vacation to see Benji after the past month of constantly being in the press. A source spoke to Hollywood Life and spilled on the status of their relationship.

' Bella is in Italy, she went to be with Ben, they’re crazy about each other. They had to be apart the past couple of weeks but they’re in constant contact, he FaceTimes her at least once a day but usually more. He’s been sending her lots of flowers, he’s a very romantic guy, very sweet to  Bella . And she thinks he’s so gorgeous. Who knows if this will last but right now it’s very full on, she’s only got eyes for him.'

This comes after a hacker somehow got ahold of Thorne's nude photos and threatened to release them . Instead of succumbing to the criminal's outrageous demands, Bella decided to beat him to the punch by releasing her own intimate photos -- something that was challenged by Whoopi Goldberg .

Additionally, the 21-year-old is just getting over her nasty split with rapper Mod Sun who has been dropping bombs about their former relationship and taunting her in the media.

To make matters worse, Bella also just found out that her ex-girlfriend, Tana Mongeau, is engaged to Jake Paul. She posted her extremely emotional reaction to her fake Instagram account.

Thorne shared a picture of herself crying alongside a caption that read: 'When you find out your ex is engaged.'

Even if Benji is nothing but a distraction, it's great to see her moving on and not letting the negative things in life control her which can be a very hard thing to do.


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