This Is Why Billy Ray Cyrus Was 'In Shock' After His BET Awards Performance With Lil Nas X

This Is Why Billy Ray Cyrus Was 'In Shock' After His BET Awards Performance With Lil Nas X
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Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus shut up haters and made the song of the summer by collaborating on the Old Town Road remix that even beat out Taylor Swift for the number one spot. Miley Cyrus' dad had the honor of performing the smash hit at the BET Awards and it left the country crooner in shock.

The duo spoke to Entertainment Tonight about their flawless presentation that all started with showing up the award show's blue carpet (changed from red to honor Nipsey Hussle) decked out in cowboy gear riding a horse. Both audience members and viewers at home were ecstatic to see a live production of the catchy song.

Kevin Frasier spoke to them off stage.

Billy Ray Cyrus explained: 'Oh man, it was electrifying. I'm just kinda in shock in this moment. The crowd stood up and they sang every word. I never felt a moment quite like that.'

While Nas X added that he's never had a moment like that in his life.

As far as attending the BET Awards, the 57-year-old said: 'It was just such an honor being here. And being a part of this festival and these festivities and this celebration of music. It'll be a moment that I'll always cherish and remember. It was very special.'

Billy, who hasn't had a hit as big as this since Achy Breaky Heart that was at the top of the charts years ago, decided to hop on the viral track after hearing the drama about it being kicked off the Billboard country charts for allegedly not being 'country.'

It turns out the snub was the best thing that happened to the 20-year-old that was practically homeless before his song became an eleven-week chart-topper.

Billy and Nas recently served up a video that was just as epic that featured Chris Rock, Diplo, Ha Ha Davis, Rico Nasty, Jozzy, YoungKio and Vince Staples.

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