Bebe Rexha Puts Her Backside On Full Display In Versace Bathing Suit — See The Look

Bebe Rexha Puts Her Backside On Full Display In Versace Bathing Suit — See The Look
Credit: Source: Bebe Rexha/Instagram

Bebe Rexha has put her backside on full display in a video that she shared of herself wearing a Versace bathing suit. Bebe is known for her curves but she has also battled stereotypes for not being stick-thin. As a celebrity, Bebe is always under the microscope and has opened up about how the constant pressure can take a toll on her self-esteem. Bebe shared a video of herself wearing the Versace bathing suit after she said paparazzi photos that were taken of her vacationing in Mexico with her boyfriend, Keyan Safyari, were edited and showed her in an unflattering light.

Bebe put on the same bathing suit that she wore on her tropical getaway to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and showed off her curves. Speaking to her 10.5 million Instagram followers, Bebe stated this.

"Ok, so I went to Mexico with my boyfriend and paparazzi posted some pictures of me and I want to show you what I really look like. I've definitely got things, I got a**. But here's what I f**king look like in my bathing suit. Here's my body, no filters, OK?"

It was clear that Bebe was angry and upset by the photos they posted of her. She wore the same bathing suit in her video that she was photographed wearing in Mexicoe. The Versace bathings suit is the Greca Border one-piece bathing suit and it retails for approximately $325.

Bebe continued to discuss her body and showed off her stretch marks on cellulite. She also shut down plastic surgery rumors.

It's just really hard,k because I find it hard to love myself sometimes. And when you see yourself looking like sh** it's like, yes, I got stretch marks, let me show you. I got stretch marks, I got cellulite, all of the above. But I don't do surgery, I've never touched my body, never done lipo, never done any of that.

You may see the video featuring Bebe Rexha showing off her backside and discussing her curves and the paparazzi photos below.

What do you think about Bebe Rexha's comments? Were you surprised by the difference between the paparazzi photos and the video that Bebe shared on Instagram?


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