Jane Seymour Eats Only One Meal A Day And Has Never Had Surgery, As 69-Year-Old Actress Says She Can Play 25!

Jane Seymour is one of Hollywood's most beautiful actresses, and that is just […]

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Bebe Rexha Puts Her Backside On Full Display In Versace Bathing Suit — See The Look

Bebe Rexha has put her backside on full display in a video that […]

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Kourtney Kardashian Flaunts Her New Curves In Bathing Suit Photos After Saying She's Gained Some Weight

Kourtney Kardashian just revealed that she's put on a few pounds since being in […]

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Valerie Bertinelli Opens Up About Her Complicated Relationship With Food, Says She's Still Learning To Love Her Body

Eleven years ago, Valerie Bertinelli posed for a magazine cover in a tiny green […]

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Jessica Simpson Reveals She Took Diet Pills For 20 Years After Sony CEO Tommy Mottola Told Her She Had To Lose Weight

Jessica Simpson is sharing her story with the world in her new memoir Open […]

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Supermodel Ashley Graham Says She Feels Like The Fattest Person Alive

Ashley Graham revealed that even though she is a famous supermodel, she still struggles […]

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The Reason Why Mama June Decided To Lose Weight Was Revenge!

According to reports, the real reason why Mama June decided to shed the pounds […]

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Kidnap Stress Has Caused Eva Longoria To Gain 30 Pounds!

Former Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria has been burying her kidnap fears deep inside […]

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Julia Roberts Gains A Shocking Amount Of Weight Amid Divorce

Julia Roberts’ divorce has been filled with emotional eating and the results are now […]

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Kate Middleton’s Skeletal Frame At The BAFTAs Worries Fans

Kate Middleton keeps on making people worry with her skinny figure. On Sunday night, […]

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