At The US Open, People Thought Laverne Cox Was Beyoncé

At The US Open, People Thought Laverne Cox Was Beyoncé
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The correct response to being mistaken for Beyoncé at the US Open came from Laverne Cox.

The 50-year-old actress joked on Instagram on Monday, "Not me getting confused for @Beyonce at the #USOpen tonight, then trending on Twitter while the web smirks over the false identity."

The mishap was described as "absolutely hilarious" by the speaker before she concluded, "Go @serenawilliams #GOAT."

When the Daytime Emmy winner gushed, "You DESERVE!" her admirers laughed that she had "fooled" them. You could see the queen's aura coming from beneath the mask.

Cox gained notoriety earlier that day when a video of her supporting Serena Williams while wearing a black face mask and silver hoops of jewelry went viral.

When a Twitter user posted the footage with the caption " Beyonce at the #USOpen," confusion ensued. "The reality that this is Laverne Cox has me shouting," a follower explained. "Baby, this is Laverne Cox," another said.

Cox started responding to individual tweets about the error after dressing in a revealing black top, matching gloves, and tan leather leggings for the athletic event. Queen B, 40, was questioned on social media if she was "at the US Open or not," and Cox responded, "Girl. I did it. Lol."

The former star of "Orange Is the New Black" added, "Definitely!" in response to a tweet calling the incident a "career milestone." Cox added "GO @serenawilliams" to every post she sent out in favor of the 40-year-old tennis pro during her final US Open.

In a Vogue cover story this past month, the athlete declared her farewell. Olympia Williams' mother, Williams, stated in the Aug. 9 essay, "These days, if I must decide between expanding my tennis résumé and growing my family, I opt for the latter." Olympia is four years old.

She continued, "I must be two feet into tennis or two feet out," referring to her and her husband Alexis Ohanian's intentions to grow their family.

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