Lisa Marie Presley Wrote A Passionate Article Recognizing 'National Grief Awareness Day'

Lisa Marie Presley Wrote A Passionate Article Recognizing 'National Grief Awareness Day'
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The singer, 54, wrote an impassioned essay about the low periods she's experienced since Keough's suicide in at the age of 27 on Tuesday in recognition of "National Grief Awareness Day." However, she is very honest about maintaining her strength for her three girls.

With her ex-husband Danny Keough, Presley has a son named Benjamin and a daughter named Riley. She also shares 13-year-old twin girls Finley Aaron Love and Harper Vivienne Anne with Michael Lockwood, from whom she divorced in May.

Continue reading to read Presley's essay, which was sent to PEOPLE alone and was only slightly altered for clarity.
Since my son passed away a year ago, today is "National Grieving Awareness Day," and I've been living in the horrible reality of its merciless grips ever since.

So I figured I would offer some things to be mindful of about mourning for anyone curious. If not for your benefit, then perhaps to console someone suffering...

Everybody finds this a difficult topic to discuss, and it is often frowned upon. It's a difficult topic to address, somewhat lengthy, and possibly upsetting. Grief, however, needs to be discussed if we're going to advance the conversation. So, in the hope that we may somehow change it, I'm giving my opinions.

If we like it or not, death and sorrow are inevitable parts of life. Although there is a lot to study and comprehend on the issue, the following is what I now understand: One is that even a year or years after a death, sorrow does not end or fade in any way.

Despite what some individuals or our culture would have us believe, sorrow is something you will deal with for the rest of your life. There is no "moving on" or "getting over it."


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