Chris Rock Claims That He Passed Down The Opportunity To Host The Oscars The Following Year

Chris Rock Claims That He Passed Down The Opportunity To Host The Oscars The Following Year
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It would be like going back to the scene of an incident for Chris Rock to attend the 2023 Oscars . On Sunday, the 57-year-old comic revealed to a Phoenix comedy performance crowd that he had been approached to emcee the event for the next year but had turned down the offer.

The "Everybody Hates Chris" star allegedly informed the audience that returning to the Oscars would be similar to asking Nicole Brown Simpson "to go back to the restaurant where she left her glasses before she was slain, calling attention to O.J. Simpson's murder case, in which he was found not guilty.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has been contacted by Post for a response. Rock stated that he was given a Super Bowl spot after the slap but declined it.

Rock could serve as host the following year, according to Craig Erich, president of entertainment at ABC, who said as much to Deadline in May. The executive predicted that the decision would increase ratings.

I was really pleased with the program, Erich said, "but clearly there was a lot of debate around this year's telecast, which masked a lot of the good aspects about the presentation." This season's biggest comeback from any award event was this one.

In both 2005 and 2016, Rock served as the Oscars' host for the first time. Smith claims that Rock is still "not prepared" to discuss the 2022 slapdown in person. However, on July 29, Rock received a public apology from the "King Richard" actor in a roughly six-minute YouTube video.

So I'll say to you, Chris, I'm sorry, he added with apparent remorse. I apologize for my behavior, and I'm available whenever you want to discuss it.

Excluding a few humor appearances in recent months, Rock has remained largely silent over the event.

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