Ashley Graham Praised For Baring Her Untouched Pregnant Body In Instagram Photo

Ashley Graham Praised For Baring Her Untouched Pregnant Body In Instagram Photo
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Fans are praising Ashely Graham after she shared an untouched photo of her nude pregnant body on social media.

The model is letting women everywhere know what a real woman's naked pregnant body looks like. Days after announcing she and her husband Justin Ervin, are expecting their first child together, Graham is getting real about pregnancy.

She used Instagram to reveal her pregnant body in all of its glory. Graham let it all hang out, curves, stretch mark, every untouched detail of her ever-changing body,

"Same same but a little different," the 31-year-old beauty captioned the photo that has social media buzzing.

The comments section was flooded with remarks praising the model for keeping it real. Graham has never shied away from body positivity. It appears she will continue on that quest throughout her pregnancy.

"More women need to see this? NO. More MEN need to see this," wrote jammerman1966

"I dream of a day where magazines stop touching up photos and show the real women of the world. Thank you for sharing your true self with the world!!! I see this picture and think go girl!!!" shared galitventurarozen

"Your honesty is everything!" replied raised_out_in_bklyn

"I CANNOT WAIT for you to be a mother and teach another human being that ALL bodies are beautiful. You're going to be such an amazing mother," said 17bravo_sierra76

Although a majority of the remarks consisted of praising positive responses, there were, of course, some haters that had to add their two cents. The trolls will never miss an opportunity to be nasty.

In Graham's case, it was because she was nude. Even though she covered up all of her private parts, some of her followers did not take kindly to Graham, exposing so much skin.

Ashley Graham is being praised for posting a nude not photoshopped picture of her pregnant body. The model is keeping it real, which is one of the many reasons her fans adore the soon to be a first-time mom.

Earlier this week fans were giving a positive shout out to Kourtney Kardashian for not having her stretch marks airbrushed or retouched in a social media picture. After her followers kept thanking her for the real photo, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star let her fans know she is proud of her "stripes."

What do you think of celebrities being praised for showing their real bodies?

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