On A Billboard, Ashley Graham Praises Being The First Parent To Ever Combo-Feed Her Children

On A Billboard, Ashley Graham Praises Being The First Parent To Ever Combo-Feed Her Children
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The 34-year-old model talks to PEOPLE regarding her job with Bobbie as a founding member of the Bobbie MotherBoard and her legendary new billboard featuring her combo-feeding twins Malachi and Roman at eight months, attempting to make her the first parent to ever combo-feed a baby with breastmilk and formula on a billboard.

The supermodel mother acknowledges that feeding the twins has been an intriguing experience. She and her husband, Justin Ervin, also have a 2-year-old boy named Isaac.

I imagined that breastfeeding would be simple for me to do without giving it any consideration. Everyone and their mother informed me that if I couldn't feed the twins at the same time, I wasn't ever going to have any time for myself, so I realized that there would need to be a little bit of real balancing done. That's exactly what happened, as it turned out. I had to work out how to do it simultaneously.

Graham says she gave herself six months to try tandem breastfeeding the twins in earnest while keeping an eye on her mental and emotional well-being.

She acknowledges how challenging the first week was. It was attempting to ascertain how to proceed. Latching would occur. Unlatching would occur. I was unable to determine the placement.

Graham claims that after experiencing success for approximately a week, suddenly, we stopped caring, and she felt discouraged. What should I do, I wondered? How will I feed my infants?

Graham claims that in order to get through the difficult times, she had to talk to herself. The phrase "It's acceptable if you have to use the formula" comes to mind. Not to worry. You are not a bad parent.

In the end, she came to the conclusion that combo feeding was beneficial for both her and her infants.



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