Ashely Graham Stuns In New Swimsuit Photo

Ashely Graham Stuns In New Swimsuit Photo
Credit: Source: Ashely Graham/Instagram

Ashley Graham is going viral again due to more body-positive photos that she's shared on her official Instagram account. With 8.5 million followers, the Sports Illustrated model shared a new photo of herself wearing a two-piece bathing suit. Known for her full-figure curves, Ashely lets her figure speak for itself. She has been known to share untouched, unedited photos on her Instagram account and her fans love her genuine realness as well as her authenticity.

The 31-year-old brunette model wore one of her Swimsuits for All bikinis and the post went viral. Ashley can be seen outside, holding on to the branch of a tree with the water behind her. The bathing suit is a string bikini that ties perfectly at the hip level. The bottom is a sunny yellow and is paired with a floral print bathing suit top.

Ashley presents herself in full boldness and her fans love her strong presence and bravery. Some fans responded by saying Ashley was fierce and they also remarked that they loved her bathing suit. Ashley shared the photo on the Swimsuits for All Instagram channel as well where you can see more of Ashley's popular bathing suit designs.

You may see the photo of Ashley Graham below.

Ashley Graham is a social media influencer that helps women realize that beauty regardless of their shape or size. While she is considered plus size, she advocates health and fitness and often shares videos and photos on her channel that feature her workouts and other aspects of her healthy lifestyle.

Ashley's accomplishments are astounding and she has been invaluable in changing the fashion industry. No longer are plus-size models ostracized but now they are embraced.

When Ashley Graham made history by being the first plus-sized model to cover the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition, her fans knew that she was more than a groundbreaker.

Ashley Graham is a supermodel who has broken down barriers and
paved the way for other plus-size models to find their place in a fashion industry that now must make room for them.

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