Artem Chigvintsev Joins Forces With Sharna Burgess On So You Think You Can Dance After They Both Exit DWTS

Artem Chigvintsev Joins Forces With Sharna Burgess On So You Think You Can Dance After They Both Exit DWTS
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Artem Chigvintsev and  Sharna Burgess recently found themselves unemployed after working on Dancing With the Stars for years. The two have now teamed up for a brand new project.

After the news broke that they would not be returning, Sharna posted an Instagram photo alongside with a caption that read, in part: 'As I’m sure you’ve heard, I will not be returning to @dancingabc this season. I am unbelievably sad to not be back!!! However, what i can whole heartedly tell you is that It’s all good, ALL love and in this moment I can’t help but be grateful for the time and the journey that I’ve had, the people I’ve met, the incredible talent I’ve shared the stage with and the memories I’ve made. To say the least.. it’s been epic. ♥️ and to have finally won still feels as exciting and special as it did the moment @tombergeron said our names.'

She went on to say how much she's grown and how many opportunities she's been given since joining the show.

Meanwhile, Artem appeared on the Bellas Podcast to tell the story of how he found out merely a week before the public announcement that he would not be asked back in any capacity. The dancer was pretty disheartened because there were no clues that he wouldn't be coming back and he wasn't given a valid reason as to why it wasn't happening.

However, once one door closes -- another one opens.

Burgess met up with her ex-co-worker Tom Bergeron. After catching up with her friend she revealed in her Instagram Stories that she was working on a project with Artem.

'I'm about to head to my second rehearsal for So You Think You Can Dance because yes, I'm choreographing this week. But guess what, it's not just me. I am choreographing with Artem. We have teamed up and we are doing a routine for So You Think. I can't tell you what it is. I can't tell you who it's with, but I can tell you it's a lot of fun and that you definitely shouldn't miss out on it.'

Maybe this is what Chigvintsev meant when he said he would no longer allow others to decide his fate .


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