Are Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Really Back Together?

Are Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Really Back Together?
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Over the last few days, several reports have come out suggesting that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have finally gotten back together following a brief hiatus.

The rumors first kicked off in earnest when the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star posted a story to her IG, including three photos of her and the rapper staring at each other lovingly while at the playoffs game in 2017.

Kylie's social media post led many of her fans and followers to speculate that she and the rapper were getting back together after their split last year. Mood wrote in her latest post, "It's a mood," facilitating even more rumors.

This also came just a few hours after she uploaded a photo of herself wearing the sneakers that the rapper created with Nike. E! News reported back in October that the parents of Stormi Webster were taking a short break from each other, although, it was unclear if it would be permanent.

It was approximately two years after they first started dating. Since then, the rapper and Kylie have been getting along well, despite their split, and have even reunited a few times since they first broke up, mostly to take care of their daughter.

This year, in January, Travis and Kylie celebrated Stormi's birthday party at Disney World, and Travis also stopped by her birthday party in February. An insider who spoke with E! News claimed that Kylie and Travis weren't getting back together; they were just co-parenting their child amicably.

The insider added that planning the little baby's birthday party also brought them much closer together. While many are curious as to whether they've talked about rekindling their relationship, the source explained that they haven't had any real talks about it yet.

There's no pressure, and they're enjoying where they're at now. In October 2019, another insider said to reporters from E! News that Kylie had no plans on when she would get back together with him, however, on account of Stormi, they're tied to each other for life.

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