Juicy J Fights With His Record Label Columbia Records On Social Media

Juicy J Fights With His Record Label Columbia Records On Social Media
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The rapper, Juicy J, apparently isn't getting along very well with his record label, Columbia Records, so much so that he took to his social media on Saturday to send a series of social media posts to them, many of which were quite negative in tone.

He even released a diss-track which was directed at the chairman and CEO of the company, Ron Perry, in addition to another song called "F*ck Columbia Records." At the moment, it's not clear why Juicy J is feuding with them, but apparently, the studio doesn't want to drop his new record, at least not in the way that the rapper wants.

His rap lyrics accused them of trying to steal all the credit, while he was the one to put in all the work. Moreover, Juicy J shared a video of himself dancing in a room while giving the middle finger to the camera with the song playing in the background.

Representatives for neither party have released a statement regarding the dispute, but Variety claims the social media rant began with a tweet in which he stated he would leak the whole record whether they wanted him to or not.

Just a few hours later, he released a song on his SoundCloud as well as YouTube. The rapper alluded to Prince's fiasco with Warner Brother Records back in the 1990s, with a picture of Prince with the word "slave" written on his face.

Fans of the iconic performer know that he famously battled with his record company. He was signed with them for almost twenty years. Reportedly, Prince hated the fact they wouldn't release his records as much as he wanted, and he also had issues with the entire contractual model.

Later, Prince moved away from Warner Brother's Records and wound up owning his master recordings and sent them to a variety of labels. Just a few years before he died, Prince wrote another deal with Warner Brothers in which they gave him ownership of many of his earlier records.

On Saturday, Juicy J wrote that he has given Columbia Records twenty years of his life, and they've treated him like "backwash."

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