Are Jennifer Garner And Bradley Cooper Hollywood's Latest 'It' Couple?

Are Jennifer Garner And Bradley Cooper Hollywood's Latest 'It' Couple?
Credit: Source: X17Online/YouTube

Are Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper Hollywood's latest "it" couple? That's the question many people are asking after the Alias co-stars were spotted frolicking on a Malibu beach together. Fans have long wanted to see Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner as a couple but both had significant others and there was never an opportune time for the couple to be together. That is, until now. With Ben Affleck in a loving and committed relationship with Ana de Armas, and after Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk called it quits, that left Jennifer Garner with her boyfriend John Miller. John and Jen split up and now both Bradley and Jennifer are available.

After Jennifer and Bradley were spotted together , rumors have been flooding social media suggesting that they are already dating! Neither Jennifer or Bradley have spoken out about the nature of their relationship and haven't addressed whether things have progressed beyond friends.

Both Bradley and Jennifer tend to be a bit secretive about their personal lives and Bradley hasn't gone public with any relationships or even revealed whether he's dated since his split from baby mama Irina. Irina and Bradley share three-year-old daughter Lea who spend the day with Jennifer and Bradley at the beach.

The site X17 Online captured video footage of Jennifer and Brad at the beach together. Though Jennifer's back was turned away from the camera, Bradley looked extremely happy, content, and relaxed.

You may see the video footage that X17 Online captured of Bradly Cooper and Jennifer Garner in the video player below.

You may see another photo of Bradley where he is smiling brightly at Jennifer. Now people want to know just what the pair were talking about that made Bradley so happy!

What do you think about the video footage showing Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner together on the beach? Do you think they are more than friends? Are you rooting for a Bennifer romance between the two?

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