Angelina Jolie Shares How Son Maddox Consoled Her When She Got Emotional Dropping Him Off At College

Angelina Jolie Shares How Son Maddox Consoled Her When She Got Emotional Dropping Him Off At College
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Dropping off son Maddox at college in South Korea was a really emotional experience for Angelina Jolie, even though she couldn’t be more proud of him. Thankfully, it seems like she managed to raise him well so the oldest of the bunch made sure to comfort her. How sweet!

There is no doubt that saying goodbye to a loved one is not an easy thing to do.

That gets even more difficult if it’s a parent dropping off their offspring to college, meaning that they’d live away from home for the first time ever.

Add that to the fact that, in the case of Jolie and her son, his chosen University, Yonsei, is halfway around the world and things get even more emotional!

While chatting with OK! Magazine, the actress opened up about it, admitting that she cried when she dropped Maddox off on campus.

She then revealed how the teenager consoled her, saying that: ‘He was really sweet and gave me a big and long hug. It is that transfer when they start taking care of you and making sure you are OK.’

No matter how difficult the separation may be, Angelina still gushed over her son’s achievement, stressing that she is really proud of his choices.

Still, she joked she can’t promise that she won’t randomly hop on a plane and visit him whenever she misses him too much.

Jolie talked about how hard it was to send Maddox off to school before as well.

It was last month while she was promoting Maleficent 2 and The Eternals at the D23 expo.

Chatting with Entertainment Tonight, Jolie confessed that she'd had an ‘ugly cry.’

‘I also, at some point, had the big glasses and the number of times I turned and waved. I know it was the one moment in my life I believe I turned around 6 times before the airport just…and he sweetly stayed and just kept waving, knowing I was going to keep turning around. You could feel he knew he could not leave,’ the actress recalled.


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