Sofia Vergara's Fans Criticize Her Over Bathing Suit Photos Where She Is Mocking Deadly Hurricane Dorian

Sofia Vergara's Fans Criticize Her Over Bathing Suit Photos Where She Is Mocking Deadly Hurricane Dorian
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Sofia Vergara is generally a well-liked person by her fans, and she has been enjoying strong popularity and support.

However, she recently managed to anger some of her supporters with a series of sexy bikini photos that were posted on social media in which she was enjoying what appeared to be a tropical vacation, with the caption "waiting for Dorian" in Spanish.

"Dorian" in this case is a clear reference to Hurricane Dorian, which has destroyed The Bahamas and has been approaching the east coast region.

Vergara could also be seen taking a sip from her drink in another picture, seemingly careless about the whole situation around her.

Many fans of the Modern Family actress were immediately critical of her attitude, claiming that the pictures were very inappropriate and insensitive.

On the other hand, others were more positive, pointing out that the actress was clearly just making a joke and trying to lighten up the difficult situation.

It does not seem like this opinion matches the majority's thoughts though, as many people have been very critical towards Vergara, and have been calling for a public apology to be issued.

One person said: "Must be nice here I sit wondering if I will have to evacuate and will my pets be safe will I have electricity soon after the storm and will everything in my fridge have to be thrown away and I have to spend my money to replace. Very insensitive."

Another commenter claimed: "The insensitivity and arrogance of the rich never ceases to amaze. I'm glad her fans are calling her out on it. Bet she'll be deleting this picture shortly."

This follower stated: "The storm you're casually joking around about will literally kill people and destroy 1000's of families/homes/businesses/lives and livelihoods. Those who survive will lose everything. Unlike you... many are stuck on the islands without the privilege of escape due to lack of funds or airlines canceling flights and shutting down. Some will be stuck here in Fl without the gas to escape as we run out. You're totally clueless as to what real life is like for the average person. Hopefully they're busy sourcing survival water/food and miss your nonsense."

Hurricane Dorian has already caused the death of many on its path.

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