Kevin Hart - Here's How He's Doing After His Terrible Accident And Surgery

Kevin Hart - Here's How He's Doing After His Terrible Accident And Surgery
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After his super scary car accident, actor and comedian Kevin Hart is reportedly happy to be alive since he suffered major back injuries and needed surgery. Now, the source says he is carefully considering the next steps to take as he recovers.

Early morning on September 1, Hart and two of his pals were involved in a really dangerous car accident that could have killed them.

That being said, the actor is grateful that did not happen and they are all still alive.

Previous reports claimed he walked away from the wreck with a pretty bad back injury and so, now he is thinking of what he needs to do next.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Kevin is resting and really appreciative that no one has died from this horrible crash. It was as scary as one would think and he's looking to take this time, spend it with family and simply get better. He's beat up but thankfully not in a life-threatening situation.’

Not too long after the crash, Hart underwent back surgery and it was successful so he’s expected to make a complete recovery.

For now, however, he needs to stay in the hospital for a few more days, TMZ reports.

As fans may know by now, the star was not the one behind the wheel even though it was his car.

The driver, a man named Jared Black and his fiancee Rebecca Broxterman were the other two.

Rebecca suffered no major injuries but the same cannot be said about Jared who needed to be airlifted to UCLA Medical Center after they both got pinned in the car.

Kevin ‘truly believes it is a miracle that everyone is OK and he is not going to take this time for granted. It is still all really fresh so he's resting and figuring out all the details but just relaxing is the best way he's spending his time because he knows he's going to be feeling pretty awful for a bit but he is happy that it was not the alternative. In the next few days he'll likely respond on how he's doing to fans but he's figuring out himself right now.’

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