Amy Schumer On Her 'Ho Days' - Does She Miss Being Single?

Amy Schumer On Her 'Ho Days' - Does She Miss Being Single?
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Amy Schumer did not shy away from discussing some personal things while updating fans on her family life with husband Chris Fischer and 1-year-old Gene . This update came as the comedian was promoting her HBO Max docu-series, Expecting Amy on E!’s Daily Pop!

When asked about her husband and toddler , Amy simply assured everyone that ‘we’re really good.’

The interviewer was happy to hear that but could not help but joke that Amy getting married left him to carry ‘the torch that you left behind—because Trainwreck 2 needed to happen.’

That is when the question came – does Amy ever miss her single days or not?

She responded: ‘I mean, yes and no. Because, like, I don't have the energy for my ho days anymore, you know? Like, listening to somebody's boring stories and drinking and all night and then you go home…I'm too tired. But, you know, there's like an energy about it that, of course, you miss.’

It’s no secret that Amy has joked a lot about her dating life in past projects such as Amy Schumer, Mostly Sex Stuff and Amy Schumer: The Leather Special, just to name a couple.

‘Now I just have to be a ho with my husband,’ she added during this new interview, joking.

However, at this point, the interview became a lot more serious.

Amy admitted that this year has been ‘a heartbreaking time for a million reasons.’

Still, she insisted that there was one silver lining of the COVID-19 quarantine and that was getting to spend a lot of quality time with her husband and son.

The comedian also revealed how she and her husband are planning on explaining the pandemic and BLM to their child when he is old enough to understand: ‘Well, I think we're gonna probably keep it pretty real with Gene when he's old enough. You know, I did get arrested while I was pregnant with him, so he's already been arrested. I go to a protest every morning at 10:30 and he comes with me a lot. So, he'll know all about Black Lives Matter.’

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