Katherine Schwarzenegger Talks About The 'Silver Linings' Of Being Pregnant Amid A Global Pandemic!

Katherine Schwarzenegger Talks About The 'Silver Linings' Of Being Pregnant Amid A Global Pandemic!
Credit: Source: euronews.com

Being in quarantine amid a global pandemic is not easy for most people! That being said, things should be getting even scarier when one is pregnant during this time!

This is the case for many women out there, of course, including Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt , who revealed how she’s managed to remain positive in lockdown while expecting her first child with husband Chris Pratt.

As you might remember, it was confirmed that the two were going to be parents almost two months into the quarantine orders in California.

At the time, one insider claimed that Katherine ‘is very much enjoying being at home and having time to relax and really enjoy being pregnant’ and it turns out that was definitely the case because the mom to be is now telling that herself!

During a new interview with E! News, Katherine opened up about passing the time in lockdown.

According to her, she’s been doing what many other expectant mothers do during this time.

This includes nesting and also getting more comfortable with cooking at home while in the past she would only use her kitchen for occasional baking.

When asked if husband Chris Pratt is also part of experimenting in the kitchen, Katherine responded that: ‘Yeah, he's a very good cook like very, very experienced in the kitchen. So I have been learning from him for sure, especially while we've been quarantined. I'm more of the baker in our house and he's the cook so I'm very, very lucky when it comes to being able to enjoy really yummy, good food because he's very, very good at all of that.’

‘And to be able to have a fun day where we go and get everything that we need at the grocery store and cook everything on a Monday and have everything kind of planned throughout the week by storing it in the Brilliance collection just makes eating healthy and eating well really easy, simple and effortless. So it's been really fun and helpful to do that together,’ she went on to say.

She’s also taken this time to ‘organize,’ something the pregnant woman assumes is part of her nesting process.


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