Amy Schumer Gets Real About Pregnancy Struggles Like Putting On Socks

Amy Schumer Gets Real About Pregnancy Struggles Like Putting On Socks
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The hilarious Amy Schumer is getting real about her pregnancy struggles, including the rough time she had recently putting on her socks.

Schumer has been documenting her difficult time being pregnant on social media. She has been open and honest with her fans about the severe morning sickness that has plagued her throughout the pregnancy.

The comedian had to cancel the remainder of her tour because she continued to have health issues, as she entered her third trimester. Hyperemesis is the condition still giving Schumer trouble. Therefore, she was sidelined until the baby is born.

"I wanted to push through and do my shows. Because I hate letting people down and I love stand up and money! But more than that I have to think about my health and the baby," she wrote, as she confirmed her tour was postponed indefinitely.

However, the Trainwreck star has managed to keep her humor and wit, as she deals with pregnancy hurdles. Social media has become her outlet for keeping fans in the loop, which everyone is oh so thankfully for because Schumer is hilarious, per usual.

In a recent post, she gave fans an extremely funny how-to-video for expectant mothers everywhere. Schumer's growing belly has made the act of putting on socks challenging, and she wanted to share how she managed to get through the action with other pregnant ladies. Fans were pleased when Schumer turned a daily task into a funny moment because it was so relatable.

The I Feel Pretty actress is also using her voice to let women know despite being about ready to pop, she is feeling strong and beautiful. Schumer can be seen in a post showing off her growing belly, as she wears only a bra and underwear. The soon to be mom could not be prouder of her body right now.

"Feeling strong and beautiful today," captioned the 37-year-old, who added the hashtag "#didntpuke.

Amy Schumer is doing pregnancy like she does everything else in her life, with humor and making fun of herself. However, in her own way the comedian is helping women who struggle throughout pregnancy every day because she lets them know they are not alone. Plus, Schumer has a way of taking the worst thing about being pregnant and turning into a laughable moment.

The funny woman's pregnancy style is just another reason people admire her. Schumer and husband, Chris Fischer , are expecting their first child later this spring.

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