Ammika Harris And Chris Brown’s Son Aeko Shows Off His New ‘Favorite Face Expression’ In This Adorable New Clip!

Ammika Harris And Chris Brown’s Son Aeko Shows Off His New ‘Favorite Face Expression’ In This Adorable New Clip!
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Ammika Harris took to social media to share a super adorable new clip that shows her son with Chris Brown , Aeko, looking at the camera with the cutest facial expression. Furthermore, the baby was also rocking his curly hair and fans could not help but gush over him!

The 27 year old model has been proving to be a great parent all the while seemingly enjoying this new job even though she continues to raise the baby boy without his dad, Chris Brown.

After all, the beauty is still stuck in Germany amid the COVID-19 quarantine while the singer is back at home, desperately missing him.

But seeing how cute Aeko is, it’s no wonder that Ammika lives her days in complete bliss and also feels like documenting his every waking moment and sharing them with the world.

This new video was no exception, the proud mother posting on her IG Stories a clip of the 8 month old baby looking straight into the camera with a serious look on which, according to the new mom, is ‘his favorite face expression now.’

At the time the moment was captured, the baby was wearing a white onesie and fans pretty much melted at the sight.

This comes a couple of days after Ammika also posted a set of adorable snaps featuring her holding her son in her arms while outside to get some fresh air together.

He was rocking a tan sun hat at the time with no shirt on and in the background, some beautiful flowers could be seen.

‘THE SUN,’ the loving young mom captioned the post, referring, of course, to her son!

Things between Ammika Harris and Chris Brown have been a bit concerning lately, especially after they unfollowed each other on social media.

But one insider dished via HollywoodLife that ‘it won’t last long. Their relationship's complicated but who can blame them? They have ups and downs just like everyone else, plus they are living under a microscope with added pressure of being on different continents.’


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