Amber Heard's Acting Coach Claims The Actress Told Her Johnny Would Rather See Her Dead Then Have Her Leave Him

Amber Heard's Acting Coach Claims The Actress Told Her Johnny Would Rather See Her Dead Then Have Her Leave Him
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Amber Heard was honest with her acting coach about Johnny Depp . Page Six learned today that the Never Back Down  actress once said to Kristina Sexton that Depp would rather see her dead than have her divorce him.

Kristina Sexton testified before a court on Friday in which she discussed her thoughts on Heard and Depp's short-lived marriage.

The Sun was the first to report on Kristina's virtual testimony in which she claimed Amber once told her Johnny would "never let" her go. Sexton reportedly said before the court that Heard felt "embarrassed" over the bad press which would come from leaving the actor after just a few years. 

Sexton claims Amber told her how "jealous" Johnny was, and how concerned he was regarding Amber hanging around James Franco. Reportedly, the actor once accused her of cheating on him with The End Of The World star.

Heard and Depp split up in 2017. Amid her testimony, Depp's lawyers asked Sexton about the fight that took place in Australia in which Depp lost the tip of his finger.

According to Sexton, Amber told her Johnny had cut the finger himself with a broken bottle. Depp, on the other hand, accused Heard of throwing a bottle at him. Amber's acting coach also spoke on Depp's allegedly "controlling" behavior.

She claims Depp didn't want her to take certain roles because he didn't want her to look like a "cheap wh*re." Kristina says she always knew if Heard had been pressured into a role by Johnny because she often became visibly nervous about the job. 

Around the same time as Johnny's alleged comments about Heard being a "cheap wh*re," Sexton claims Heard also stopped modeling and also rejected an offer for a  Guess campaign.

Followers of the case know Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's relationship has been put on full display, the good and the bad, but mostly the bad.

Earlier this week, Whitney Henriquez, Heard's sister, claims she "begged" her older sister not to get married to Depp , because she claims she noticed signs of abuse and trouble earlier in their romance. Henriquez claimed her sister was very in love with him.

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