After Seven Years As Host Of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah Has Decided To Step Down

After Seven Years As Host Of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah Has Decided To Step Down
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The presenter, who has been at the helm of The Daily Show for the past seven years after Jon Stewart's departure, revealed his impending departure on Thursday's show.

He addressed the show's audience on his seventh anniversary, saying, "I found myself thinking over the time, everything that we've gone through... and I recognized that after seven years, my time is up."

He said that hosting the event was one of his biggest challenges and joys.

He went on to say, "After seven years, I feel like it's time," explaining that he yearned to return to the "everywhere doing everything" lifestyle he had formerly enjoyed and that he had become homesick for learning foreign languages, traveling to new countries, and performing before live audiences.

He continued, "I'm incredibly grateful for everyone here and even the folks who aren't because they achieved fantastic things." Although I am not excellent at saying goodbye, please rest assured that I will not be departing suddenly.

I'm appreciative that the network took a chance on a comic no one in the West had heard of. The 38-year-old added that he had never imagined himself in his current role and promised to stay until a successor was found.

A source confirmed to Decider that Noah would be announcing his resignation from the show on Thursday's broadcast just before he made the announcement himself.

In a comment to Variety, Paramount later announced the news, saying, "We are thankful to Trevor for our outstanding cooperation over the past seven years."

Since there is no known departure date, we are jointly planning our future move. A show like "The Daily Show," which has been on the air for almost 25 years and has helped people make sense of the world through sharp and humorous social commentary, has a bright future ahead of it, and we can't wait to see what happens next.

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