After Moving In Together Kaley Cuoco Claims She And Her Husband Still Manage To 'Like Each Other'

After Moving In Together Kaley Cuoco Claims She And Her Husband Still Manage To 'Like Each Other'
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Kaley Cuoco, despite previously saying that she was worried she and her husband, Karl Cook, would start hating each other after moving in together, claims they're actually still getting along quite well.

E! Online reported on Jimmy Kimmel's Monday episode in which the Big Bang Theory alum revealed she and Karl were doing just fine. No trouble in their marriage yet!

The small-screen star shared with the host that she and Karl, after being together for four years and married for a year-and-a-half, are still getting along well together. During the chat, she was showing off her collection of mugs as well. Cuoco went on to say that the quarantine actually "forced" them to move in, and it turns out they're big fans of each other.

As it was previously reported, Kaley shared their big decision on Instagram near the beginning of the month . She captioned one of their pictures along with the message, "HOME."

During a past conversation with reporters from Us Magazine, Kaley shared that she and her man were looking forward to moving in together. At that point, however, their choice wasn't official yet.

The star added they're both on the road quite a lot, and because of that, their time spent together at home is greatly appreciated. Jimmy Kimmel, obviously curious about her mug collection, asked her if he liked her collection, and Kaley said he has his own "weird stuff too."

With that said, there have been challenges thus far, especially when it comes to unpacking much of their belongings. She explained they were sent home from New York City due to not being able to film anymore, but she hasn't been able to find her makeup, which she's certain her husband would appreciate if she found it sometime soon.

In terms of how they're managing to keep themselves occupied, Kaley stated they've been drinking and playing with their dogs. They have three of them.

The Big Bang Theory alum joked that it's all they've been doing; just drinking and playing with their dogs.

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