Ellen Degeneres Compares Being Quarantined To Being In Jail -- It Does Not Go Over Well

Ellen Degeneres Compares Being Quarantined To Being In Jail -- It Does Not Go Over Well
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The stay at home order placed on nearly 80% of the USA is getting to people who are not used to being confined to their homes. Even celebrities who live in houses the size of multiple football fields are going stir crazy.

The latest star to make a tone-deaf statement about having to stay at home is Ellen Degeneres.

The talk show host streamed her show from the comfort of her compound.

She started off by thanking those on the front line and essential workers.

'Today I am filming this in my living room because it has the best light and sound and all the other rooms in my house are filled with toilet paper,' she explained.


The comedian then joked that the quarantine was giving her time to get to know her wife.

She then compared the lockdown to being in jail.

'This is like being in jail. Mostly because I’ve been wearing the same clothes for 10 days and everyone in here is gay.'

Considering that she was fishing for laughs to uplift fans in this trying time, some people didn't think much of it.

Others took to social media to complain about the surplus of celebrities who have access to things the middle and lower class don't lamenting about how boring it is to have to stay in their multi-million dollar homes while much of the country is worried about having money to buy food and pay bills.

To make matters worse, there are actual people in jail who are dealing with the harrowing contagious element of the Coronavirus. Just yesterday, an inmate went Live on social media to show that his cellmate who has the illness is having trouble breathing and he is not being treated.

After watching Ellen's show, one person tweeted: 'What a great look for Ellen as thousands of people sit in actual jail cells just hoping for the best without soap and basic protections'


Another added: 'ellen you quarantining in your mansion in designer sweats is nothing like prison.'

While this person said: 'Doesn't.....she buy / redecorate / sell like..... multiple mansions a year?People are dying, I'm afraid to leave my house every day but I have to, but ok go off Ellen. Social isolation is bad, stressful, and causes increased depression and anxiety but it ain't jail.'

Do you think Ellen should be more socially conscious of her jokes these days?

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