Adele Keeps Yelling At People And Some Think It's Because She's Starving

Adele Keeps Yelling At People And Some Think It's Because She's Starving
Credit: Source: Adele/Facebook

Singer Adele has been turning heads and making headlines for her stunning weight loss transformation, but fans have noticed she's making headlines for something else too. Though Adele looks fabulous and some say she has lost 100 pounds or more due to the Sirtfood Diet, others are pointing out that she seems to be rather angry. New photos have surfaced showing Adele speaking on a phone while apparently yelling at the unlucky recipient. At one point, Adele looked towards cameras and stared them down! Some think that Adele has become angry because she's literally starving herself and losing all joy in life!

The subject was addressed in the upcoming March 2, 2020, issue of the New Zealand publication Woman's Day, where a source spoke to the publication anonymously and weighed in on Adele's public meltdowns. The source stated the following to the outlet.

"It's like every time she gets in and out of a car these days, she's yelling at someone on her phone — and there's always a photographer there to capture it, which only makes her more angry. The problem is she's absolutely, completely starving! She's so moody and irritable — she needs to eat something other than green juice!"

You may see photos of Adele as she was angrily speaking on her phone below.

What do you think about the report? Do you agree that Adele seems to be angrier or having more public outbursts since going on her diet and losing so much weight? In addition to Adele's outburst, the publication also weighed in on whether or not Adele could have had weight loss surgery.

Most people feel that Adele has lost weight through hard work, exercise, and the Sirtfood Diet. There have been multiple public conversations regarding the diet and the number of calories that Adele consumes per day. It has been reported that Adele keeps her calories near 1000 per day.

Adele seems to have started her weight loss journey following the breakup of her marriage to Simon Konecki. The couple share a son, Angelo, and Adele has been focusing on being a single mother. It has been reported that Adele began losing weight in order to be the best, healthiest mom for Angelo that she could be.

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