Wilmer Valderrama Talks The Best Advice Robin Williams Ever Gave Him

Wilmer Valderrama Talks The Best Advice Robin Williams Ever Gave Him
Credit: Source: Wilmer Valderrama/Instagram

Wilmer Valderrama is speaking out about Robin Williams and told Us Weekly that the Oscar-winning actor gave him advice that helped him deal with his OCD before his death. Many people were unaware that the 70's Show actor had struggled with OCD until he spoke about it. Wilmer made headlines for starting off the year with a marriage proposal to girlfriend Amanda Pacheco and he shared a photo of his proposal on his official Instagram account. Wilmer was known for his long-term relationship with Demi Lovato who has publicly stated that though she is happy for Wilmer, she feels as if she is losing her best friend, as reported by Ricki Mathers. The couple broke up in 2016 after being together for six years. Speaking to Us Weekly in their Dec. 9, 2020, issue, Wilmer stated the following about his OCD and the advice he received from Robin Williams.

"I'm crazy OCD. The greatest advice I've ever received was from Robin Williams. 'Never forget. And always remember...It's supposed to be fun.'"

Robin Williams died from suicide on August 11, 2014, after learning he had Lewy body disease. The news shocked many worldwide as Robin is revered for his sense of humor and ability to make people laugh.

Wilmer also spoke about love and trusting people. He said the following.

"Trusting people can be like tossing a coin. It's a hard lesson, but I'll flip a coin any day — I love people."

You may see a photo of Wilmer Valderrama proposing to Amanda Pacheco below.

Fans who watched Wilmer Valderrama on That 70's Show have been able to watch him on NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service where he has played the character, Nick Torres, since 2016.

Wilmer revealed some more insight into his likes and dislikes. He explained that he can't stand people who lie or those who chew their food with their mouths open. He described both as his greatest pet peeves. He also said his personal mantra is this: If you woke up this morning, you're already winning."

What do you think about the advice that Robin Williams gave Wilmer? Were you surprised to learn he has OCD?


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