50 Cent Says Don Q Deserves A Punch In The Face

50 Cent Says Don Q Deserves A Punch In The Face
Credit: Source: CelebrityNetWorth.com

50 Cent isn't fond of Don Q's new photo op with DJ Clue. Fans of Curtis Jackson, also known as 50 Cent, know that he's no stranger to beef . The rapper regularly feuds with other people on the internet, especially over Instagram.

Hot New Hip Hop picked up on a social media post from the rapper recently in which he took aim at the aforementioned man. Previously, the Get Rich or Die Tryin' artist has come for Ja Rule and Rick Ross, and some of his disputes have even led to people getting a beating, albeit, not at the demands of the rapper.

According to the outlet, 50 Cent is now fighting DJ Clue because he reportedly refused to play Pop Smoke's new record because he never got his hands on the album first.

Despite the fact DJ Clue denied this claim, he played it on his series anyway, although, 50 Cent has continued fighting him. Don Q recently took to his social media platform to share a picture of himself hanging around DJ Clue.

50 Cent didn't like that. He responded with a social media post in which he said Don Q needed to get punched in the mouth. The rapper went on to say that he thinks he might send "the little homies" to beat up on him and his parties until they refuse to book him in the city.

50 Cent is always feuding with other people in the headlines. Earlier this week, the rapper and his ex-girlfriend, Vivica A. Fox, were duking it out following his comments in which he said black women always got mad whenever he dated "exotic women."

Fox accused him of having "f*ckboi" tendencies, to which he responded by claiming she was still in love with him after all of these years. Vivica also said that the rapper can't really handle black women.

Fox and 50 Cent dated many years ago for a short amount of time, however, sources claim there are still feelings between them, even though they might be small.

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