Obie Trice Will Serve 90 Days In Jail Over Shooting Incident In Which A Man's Groin Was Shot

Obie Trice Will Serve 90 Days In Jail Over Shooting Incident In Which A Man's Groin Was Shot
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A report from Hot New Hip Hop today stated that the rapper, Obie Trice, will spend 90 days behind bars due to an incident from last year regarding a man who was shot in the groin.

Detroit's WDIV-TV reported that the rapper, who's most famous for working with Eminem, was sentenced to jail after he shot a man in the groin in the Commerce Township of Michigan.

Not long after the news came out following the 6th of December shooting, reports claimed the victim was his girlfriend's son. Consequently, Obie Trice was charged with one count of aggravated felony assault with a firearm.

Moreover, he was charged with violating a protective order as well and possession of an unregistered firearm. As it was previously reported, the rapper, his girlfriend, and her son had been staying together around the time of the assault.

Hot New Hip Hop says they got into a heated argument which eventually turned into a gunshot altercation. Neighbors then called the police after hearing the gun sounds. According to the rapper's girlfriend, Obie Trice accidentally shot her son in the groin after he intervened during their argument.

At the moment, Obie Trice is staying at the Oaks Correctional Facility in Michigan, Detroit. A judge already counted the five days he spent behind bars as part of his served time.

Fans of the hip-hop world know this won't be the first time that a rapper has been involved in a scene of gun violence. Earlier this year, it was reported that the 21-year-old rising star in the rap community, Houdini, passed away in Toronto after being shot in the entertainment district of the city in the middle of the day.

Moreover, Hurricane Chris was also charged with second-degree murder regarding a man who was killed at a gas station. The rapper later took to his social media to say that he was innocent and was going to clear his reputation.

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