Johnny Depp Is That You? Court Artist Blasted On Twitter For Unrecognizable Drawing Of Actor

Johnny Depp Is That You? Court Artist Blasted On Twitter For Unrecognizable Drawing Of Actor
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Johnny Depp, is that you? Twitter is freaking out over the artist sketches that are coming out of London's High Court where Johnny Depp is suing The Sun newspaper for libel. Johnny Depp is known for changing his look over the year, and after he starred as Captain Jack Sparrow for the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie in 2003, he seemed to incorporate a bit of the character in his real style. Still, Johnny Depp is known as one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood and his look is undeniable. Fans are going off on the court artist's sketch of a drab, nerdy-looking many who bears little resemblance to the actor.

Comments are showing up across all social media platforms regarding the terrible artwork coming from the court's sketch artist while salacious tidbits are being divulged in the courtroom. Amber Heard certainly came to court prepared to testify as she is presenting her evidence hoping to prove that Johnny Depp beat her and was abusive in their marriage. Johnny Depp is suing The Sun for portraying him as a wife-beater — it is a charge he denies.

Amber Heard released photos and video footage that she says proves he was abusive. Johnny states that it was Amber who abused him and he presented the court photos from his hospital visit due to a severed finger.

Amber Heard presented photos that she says show Johnny Depp stays up late doing drugs and drinking in a pattern of unhealthy behaviors that would turn him into a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

You may see one Twitter user's response to the court artist sketch of Johnny Depp below.

The memes keep coming and some are saying that the drawing looks like a man at a funeral. Others compared him to the British actor David Earl, but many agree the drawing does not look like Johnny Depp.

What do you think about the High Court's sketch artist's portrayal of Johnny Depp?

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