50 Cent Reportedly ‘Wanted Nothing To Do' With Nemesis Wendy Williams At His Pool Bash

50 Cent Reportedly ‘Wanted Nothing To Do' With Nemesis Wendy Williams At His Pool Bash
Credit: Source: hotnewhiphops.com

50 Cent boasted about blocking his nemesis Wendy Williams from entering his pool party a couple of days ago and as it turns out, the rapper regrets nothing. While the TV host ended up entering the venue in the end, 50 reveled in the thought that he gave her a hard time.

He then took to his platform to post footage of Wendy talking to the security guard, trying to convince him to let her in.

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife why the rapper did not want Wendy to be there.

‘50 wanted nothing to do with Wendy at his party. He wanted her to never make it in and did not expect her to be at the door to attempt to get in. He does not want to be associated with her and that's why he always goes after her on social media. She was not invited and never would be invited, she's the last person he'd want to see at his party,’ the insider dished.

50 Cent may have tried to ruin her day but eventually, Wendy and her son, Kevin Hunter Jr. still partied there.

After all, it was his birthday weekend and the proud mother wanted to make the celebration very special.

She took to her platform to post a pic featuring her and Kevin Jr. posing with Snoop Dogg, who performed at the bash.

Previously, another source dished that Wendy felt ‘totally’ disrespected by his immature actions.

‘She couldn't believe 50 would really have security block her from entering and to make matters even worse, also go on social media to brag about it after. It was a disrespectful move and Wendy wants nothing to do with 50 or his childish antics. Wendy knew 50 would be at the party but she was not aware it was hosted by him.’

Allegedly, she just thought it was a cool party and packed with fellow celebs that could have made it a nice place to celebrate her son’s birthday with him.

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  • Starr
    Starr Aug 21, 2019 12:53 PM PDT

    I cannot read what he wrote because it bothers my eyes and brain for a grown man to put a period after every word. Who taught him English punctuation? They're all fired!!!!

  • Freddie Wilson
    Freddie Wilson Aug 21, 2019 9:27 AM PDT

    So said. That. A. Man. Over forty. Would. Chooses. To. Be. Non-forgiving. Grudge-holding. Like that. And. Brags. About. It. Let him without sin throw. The. First. Stone. A man. That. Lives. In. A. Glass. House. Shouldn’t. Throw. Stones. Wendy. Be. Blessed. For. You. Know. Love. Conquers. All. Happy. Birthday. Kelvin. Hunter. Junior. Love you. Even. More. Snoop dog. You are. Truly. Your. Own man. Virtual. Hugs. And kisses. To. You. ❤ ❤ I. Know coming from. A non-celebrity probably. Doesn't. Mean. Anything. To a. Popular. Big timed. Celebrity. Like. You. Snoop. But. I will. Keep. You. In my. Prayers. For. I feel. You are. Blessed. And. Highly. Favored. For. The word. Says. Blessed. Are. The. Peacemakers. For. They. Shall. Obtained. Peace. For. I cried. And was. Overcome. With. Joy bwgen I saw. The. Picture. Of you. Hugging. Wendy. And. Kelvin. Hunter. Junior. At. 50 cents. Party. Once. He. Becomes. A man. He will put. Away. Childish. Ways. For. The. Word. Says. When. I. Was. A child. I acted. Like. A. Child. And. Drank. Milk and when I became. A. Man. I. Thought. Like. A man. And acted like a. Man. Putting away. Childish. Ways. Instead of crying for. Mik. I was able. To. Communicate. My. Needs. And wants etc. Pray. For. 50 cents. Peace of. Mind. And. Heart. Thru. His. Ability. To. Love. And. Forgive. Otherwise. His. Hate. And. Bitterness. Will. Stunt. His. Growth. And. Hurt. His. Chances. Of. Becoming. A real. Man. Can. Eat. Table food instead of. Being bottle fed by. Security. Guards

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