PLL: The Perfectionists Star Hayley Erin Returns To General Hospital – Is She Back For Good Or A Short Stint?

PLL: The Perfectionists Star Hayley Erin Returns To General Hospital – Is She Back For Good Or A Short Stint?
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Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists star Hayley Erin is returning to General Hospital. The actress who played the late Kiki Jerome on the ABC daytime soap opera is back.

Fans of the show will recall Erin left the show last fall after she landed the super-secretive role of Taylor Hotchkiss on the PLL: The Perfectionists spin-off. Freeform and Erin both confirmed she was going to be a pivotal part of the cast, but her character was not revealed until the premiere episode this past January.

Rumors Erin was going to exit GH began soon after the PLL: The Perfectionists casting news broke. Although fans hoped there would be some miracle the talented blonde beauty could work on both shows, realistically that was not going to happen.

Erin's GH departure was kept under wraps until psychopath, Ryan Chamberlin brutally murdered Kiki. He was also her mom, Ava Jerome's boyfriend at the time. Kiki's tragic death confirmed fans worst fears Erin was gone and that Kiki would be a victim of Ryan's.

The death of Ava's daughter kicked off several storylines, including her mother's unbearable grief. It got worse for Ava when she realized her crazy boyfriend killed her daughter.

Lately, Ava has been seeking out psychics to make peace with her dead daughter. The distraught woman can't get over the fact she was estranged from her oldest child when Kiki died.

Ava just might get her chance at redemption with her daughter Kiki soon. Erin will be back soon for what is reportedly a one-day stint when Kiki appears to her mother in a dream.

Will Kiki give Ava the solace she has desperately been searching for or will she tell her mother to stop seeking her out, via the supernatural?

Hayley Erin has been opened to returning to General Hospital since the day she filmed her last scene. The Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists star is staying true to her word she wanted Kiki's ghost to surface in Port Charles.

The ABC soap opera does not comment on casting news or storylines. However, fans are hoping Erin's return will finally give Ava closure. The poor woman has been through the wringer and deserves to find peace with her child, even if it is only through a dream.

Erin and Kiki are back from the day for a short stint. Perhaps this will be the first of many appearances by the pretty ghost and her super talented portrayer.

Are you excited Hayley Erin is back on the Port Charles canvas?


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