Tyler Christopher Pleads Guilty To Two Counts Of Public Intoxication Following Arrest Last Week

Tyler Christopher Pleads Guilty To Two Counts Of Public Intoxication Following Arrest Last Week
Credit: Source: TVSourceMagazine.com

According to a report from PageSix.com, Tyler Christopher, the General Hospital alum, pleaded guilty to two counts of public intoxication following his arrest on Monday. Ironically, Monday was the actor's 47th birthday.

Reportedly, Christopher was ordered by the Morgan County Prosecutor's Office to pay a fine of approximately $440 on Wednesday. Interestingly, the court did not demand Christopher to complete an alcohol abuse treatment program as well as probation, which is typically a common sentence.

It was reported by multiple outlets earlier this week that the police were called on the General Hospital alum approximately nine times since the 14th of September. Callers complained of the actor becoming increasingly intoxicated over the past few weeks.

Moreover, the Sheriff's Office said to Page Six that the actor had another incident on the 8th of November that was different from the one that led to his arrest this past Monday. Sergeant Tyler Polston from the Morgan County Jail also revealed that the actor was apprehended outside of his home in Martinsville, Indiana.

It was actually an Uber driver who phoned the police on Christopher after giving him a ride home on Monday. Christopher fell asleep in the back of the Uber and urinated in his pants as well. Court records show that the driver wanted him to pay for the damages to his car, and also send him to a treatment facility.

Back in May of this year, it was reported by Rachelle Lewis that Mr. Christopher was leaving the set of Days Of Our Lives , and was considering going back to General Hospita l. Last fall, Christopher left Days Of Our Lives and fans were surprised to see him go.

Reportedly, his performance on the series was hailed by fans and critics alike, and he even received a nomination for a Daytime Emmy Award for his role in the series. A friend of Tyler's, Brandon Barash, then replaced him.

Mr. Barash was supposed to be filling the spot for a small amount of time, but it then turned into a permanent job.


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