50 Cent Jokingly Shares The Cure For Coronavirus - Check It Out Here And You'll Be Surprised

50 Cent Jokingly Shares The Cure For Coronavirus - Check It Out Here And You'll Be Surprised
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50 Cent is known in the industry as a really funny man, and he seems to remain the same during the global hysteria around the coronavirus pandemic. People are overwhelmed by fear and doubt, and they are basically having problems living their everyday lives.

No one knows what to expect anymore, and the panic keeps growing.

50 Cent is trying to make his fans and followers laugh just like always, and he just shared a post which jokingly claims that the cure for COVID-19 is out. Check out his post below, and you'll find out what it is for yourselves.

'👀oh ok, we gonna be alright, @youngma 😆so live got ya bitch over there doing things. LOL. #abcforlife #THEKING🍾 #bransoncognac,' 50 Cent captioned his post.

As you can see, his photo shows a CNN newsreader Wolf Blitzer on-screen with a banner along with the bottom reading: 'Constant Sex Kills Coronavirus.'

As expected, this pic that's been circulating online went viral, and it's important to highlight the fact that it has been photoshopped with the fake news headline and made to look factual by having the American news channel's logo attached to it.

A shocked fan said: 'Someone, please confirm that this was actually on the news,' and someone else posted this:' sex does boost the immune system. That's clinical facts for you.'

Other than this, 50 Cent made headlines not too long ago after he told his GF, Cuban Link to stay in the house after she shared some racy pics on social media.

50 Cent said: 'Pretty mother, she just doesn’t listen. I be telling her to stay in the mother f*cking house. what you are doing 😳 running track in Chanel sneakers.🤦‍♂️'

Fans were laughing in the comments after they read 50 Cent's message.

The truth is that the man gave people some funny moments amidst the dramatic global situation.

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