50 Cent Breaks His Promise And Throws His Son, Marquise Jackson, Under The Bus While Praising Diddy's Child For This Reason

50 Cent Breaks His Promise And Throws His Son, Marquise Jackson, Under The Bus While Praising Diddy's Child For This Reason
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Well, that did not take long, 50 Cent, who has promised to change his ways and become a better man after the death of Kobe Bryant, has returned to his petty behavior.

The rapper has been making the rounds promoting his new show on ABC called For Life , and he was asked about his oldest son. He drove into Marquise Jackson, whom he has disowned.

50 Cent was asked by Ebro if he is willing to sit down with Marquise and he said this: "I haven't even experienced the teenage boy thing. He drifted before that. He and his mom were already --, but that's his mom's child. Do you know what I mean? That's his mom's child."

Ebro asked: "Now, he comes back, and he wants to have a conversation. I'll listen. Maybe go to lunch or dinner somewhere, but he'll pay for it. He's a man now. He's a grown man."

50 did talk about his other son Sir and confessed he wants a daughter. Fans are bashing the rapper for his behavior.

One person said: "I don't care how mad I get with the mother of my child, and I'll never turn my back on my kids. So much for changing his ways after the passing of Kobe... I gave it a few months...🙄"

Another commenter claimed: "His son threw HIM out his life🤣🤣 or mostly him. So yea, he should pay cuz he still holds a grudge on his own pops."

This follower stated: "Hard to judge a man when you haven’t walked in his shoes, 50 no dummy tho, and seeing how he treats his other child, I truly believe his oldest son's moms poisoned his mind well before 50 had a chance to raise that kid. If you wanna act that confrontational and try to sabotage your dad by linking with his enemy’s, I get why 50 have to test his son this way if they’re to talk."

50 did have good things to say about Diddy's son, Quincy, who is a cast member on one of his shows.

He claimed: "His son, Quincy. He's cast in one of the shows. It ain't got nothing to do with Puffy. His work got him in it, you know? He has been workin', doin' his thing."

He added: "I would never not work with Puffy's kids or anybody around that. Like, if we had an issue, it's an issue between him and me, and we'll talk about it. I'm not gon' mess with nobody kids. That's Yayo with the slap your kids type of thing."

50 Cent has a lot of things going on at the moment.

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  • Assaleema Mathews
    Assaleema Mathews Feb 23, 2020 7:07 AM PST

    Some of y'all sound real unintelligent (Dumb), who tells someone its okay to give up on their child? It's our job as a parent to fight for our kids, no matter what! Yeah he was raised by mom, but that was 50's choice. He could have been stepped in and been consistent. The key is consistency, if you we're consistent he would have had his own opinion about you. It's never the child's job to mend a relationship with their parents. And, no matter how old or grown he is, He IS STILL YOUR CHILD. I love 50 Cent and everything you did from start to finish, so sometimes when I see how you engage in certain situations I am real disappointed. This can't be my 50!

  • Reese
    Reese Feb 21, 2020 7:26 AM PST

    He walked out when that boy was a preteen. I don't blame the young man for his animosity. 50 had ample opportunity to be involved. My pops hated my mom and he was. So was his boy Mashall (his daughter looks like the ex's twin). What was it? He couldn't smash his mama like he does Sir's? CubinLink aside everybody knows that. 50's a clown and a deadbeat for that. Be the bigger person and open up the door.

  • Patricia
    Patricia Feb 20, 2020 9:10 PM PST

    One thing I can say is try to make peace but like he said he grown but life is to short now days to have bad energy in your Life I like 50 attitude tho Lol.

  • Stephen
    Stephen Feb 19, 2020 4:10 PM PST

    U did the right thing 50 he a grown man.

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