Zonnique Pullins' Latest Christmas Photo Is Not Appreciated By Her Fans: 'Try Another Angle'

Zonnique Pullins' Latest Christmas Photo Is Not Appreciated By Her Fans: 'Try Another Angle'
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Zonnique Pullins spent this Christmas with her BF, Bandhunta Izzy, and also together with her whole family: her mom, Tiny Harris, brothers, and more friends and siblings after she was on vacation with Izzy in the Bahamas.

T.I. was not in the Christmas family photo and this sparked debate on whether he was taking the pic or he simply was not there.

Anyway, if Zonnique's pics from her Bahamas vacay were highly praised by her fans and followers, it seems that her latest Christmas photo in which she's posing with the Christmas tree was not too appreciated online.

'Friends aren’t friends if they don't tell u “try another angle”' someone told Zonnique in the comments section.

Another follower defended Zonnique and said 'No it’s not the most flattering picture but yall ruthless out here lol she still looks beautiful at the end of the day.'

Someone else alsodefendedTiny's daughter and said that if people slam someone with a natural body, it's obvious that women will get cosmetic surgeries more and more: 'I can't believe y'all would shame her frame & then you wonder why h*es is fake.'

Someone said that 'She had to do that angle she had surgery on her eyes remember one of them is crooked but still gorgeous tho.'

Another fan guesses that Zonnique must be pregnant: 'Beautiful but I think there’s a bundle of joy hidden ?❤️' This is not the first time that she sparks pregnancy rumors.

Someone gushed over her and said 'Gaining all the good weight. ??'

We believe that Zonnique is a very pretty girl who has all the reasons to be proud of her natural body and show it off whenever she wants.

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  • Victoria Witherby
    Victoria Witherby Dec 27, 2018 8:26 AM PST

    I think she maybbe pregnant ~

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