Zonnique Pullins Shares Photos Of Her Daughter And Fans Are In Awe

Zonnique Pullins Shares Photos Of Her Daughter And Fans Are In Awe
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Zonnique Pullins shared some pics on her social media account featuring her daughter, and fans are completely in awe.

'out for a second right back in to watch more cocomelon🍉 🤎@fashionnova fashionnovapartner,' Zonnique captioned her post.

Someone said: 'She look just like your baby sister,' and a commenter said: 'you’re not a regular mom, you’re a cool mom.'

A fan said: 'What’s the name of this restaurant? It’s a Ponce right? Looks delicious,' and a commenter posted this: 'Motherhood looks so good on you nique!!!! 😍😍'

Someone else posted this message: 'That baby look sooooo much like your brother 😍❤️ cutie pie🥰' and one fan said: 'Lmaooo smiled for a minute and went right back to mugging but yall are everything 😍😍'

A follower said: 'That’s looks like pounce city market but what are you eating that bread looks delicious I think it’s bread please tell me lol.'

Someone else said: 'Coco Melon is my saving Grace with my 8month old and Little Baby Bums omg my TV isn’t mine how tf that happen? 😂😭' and a commenter said: '@zonniquejailee why would name your daughter a dude name.'

A fan said the following: 'She looks like your baby brother. Strong genes. She's adorable 😍' and someone else said: 'She looks so much like her Auntie Heiress.'

Someone else posted this: 'So normal!!! Finally someone me who doesn’t have to put on $6,000, a wig, & makeup just for a lunch date with their family 😍'


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