Ciara Starts Conversation About Motherhood After Posting Innocent Christmas Video With Russell Wilson And Future

Mama Ciara is discovering that even an innocent Christmas video featuring her adorable children is subject to mom-shaming.

The singer took to social media where she posted a cute video while in bed with husband Russell Wilson, 30, and their two children -- Future Zahir, 4, and 19-month-old Sienna Princess Wilson.

In the clip, the family wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and talks about toys and Santa Claus, but many are bashing Ciara because Future is still wearing pull-ups.

One person defended Ciara by saying: "So you know kids can pee the bed past 5 or do you not have kids?. Maybe has bladder issues, damn girl, you watched the Xmas video and focused on his drawers .so you saw all the Xmas videos and focused on a little child's drawers ?? kid's can have bladder issues past 4, most parents know that?could please tell me the prayer you said to get a good husband because I think I’m missing something in mines. I need this for New Year’s Eve."

Another follower stated: "Ciara son is very smart but not potty trained. Age isn't anything but a number. My niece is about to be 14, and yet she still pisses in the bed. It's a shame. I use to have the dream when using the toilet. It felt so real. I woke up wet. Who cares! Get over it! Worry about your household not others. She makes more money than half you mfs on hear. Do something other than trying to figure out ppl doings ppl. Hell, it's 2019. Leave that crap in 2018 with the birds, please. That little girl is so damn pretty. You are so amazing we have so much to be grateful for God is great. That's so fun and cute thanks for keeping it real that's why I love you both."

A critic shared: "No no no! No, pull up at 4 IDGF! I adore Ciara, but this is lazy! The member should this ever be a thing unless that child has some type of disability going on. There's no excuse other than that!!! Smfh.Somewhere Future seeing his kid on Instagram on Christmas."

Another mom explained the reason why a four-year-old might sleep with diapers on: "Y’all are so judgmental.... kids still wet the bed, and it’s okay... pull-ups are for those of us that don’t like the house to smell pissy. It amazes me at how yall grown ppl talking about a little kid... who raised yall? This is a beautiful family... wtf cares about his pull up?"

What are your thoughts on this conversation?

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