Zonnique Pullins Is Proud To Let Her Fans Know About Her New Show

Zonnique Pullins Is Proud To Let Her Fans Know About Her New Show
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Zonnique Pullins has a new show and she proudly addresses the subject for her fans and IG followers. But it seems that people cannot forget a subject that she addressed not too long ago, and they keep bringing it up.

Check out her latest post below.

'Hey y’all! Have you seen my new show on @FoxSoul co-hosted with @romeomiller , @jazzanderson, @antonpeeples, and @jamieedubose?! 🔥 It’s called #TheMix,' Zonnique captioned her post.

She continued and told fans, 'LIVE on Tuesday's at 10p ET/ 7p PT! Catch it on foxsoul.tv or download the #FoxSoul app! @TheMixFoxSoul.'

A commenter said: 'I know you not out here promoting pregnancy and not marriage we get it your pregnant but guess what you stuck with him for LIFE. Marriage, if there’s no children involved, you can divorce be out collect your coins like please girl don’t be like your mom she over there hanging by a strand.'

Another follower gushed over her and posted this message: 'Proud of you beautiful 💙'

Anyway, you probably recall that Tiny Harris‘ daughter,  Zonnique is pregnant, and her fans became crazy with excitement when they learned this.

People have been guessing it for a really long time, but she just confirmed it recently, making fans happy.

Some of her fans said that she should have gotten married at first, and Tiny jumped in to say a few words.

Just in case you don't remember the interview addressed above, well, the discussion was with Hollywoodlife, and Zonnique shared that she’s not quite ready for marriage. ‘I feel like at my age, I don’t really want to get married right now,’ she said.

‘Like, I feel like that’s…an even bigger commitment–I don’t know, I hate to say like it’s an even bigger commitment than a baby to me,’ she added.


People freaked out when they read this.

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