Zonnique Pullins Makes Fans Excited With This Latest Post

Zonnique Pullins Makes Fans Excited With This Latest Post
Credit: BET

Zonnique Pullins shared a post on her social media account which had fans excited like there's no tomorrow. Check out the pics included.

People hopped in the comments and congratulated Tiny Harris' daughter for her pregnancy.

Zonnique revealed not too long ago that she's expecting a baby girl with her BF Bandhunta Izzy .

Someone said: 'I’m a proud auntie 😍😍😍😍 @zonniquejailee you going to be a great mom,' and another follower posted this: 'Talkin bout I just wanna have my nicki Minaj moment. We love to see it lol.'

A commenter wrote: 'She finna be born with blue hair watch😩 (only the real know)' and someone else said: Your Baby Is Gonna Be So Beautiful OMG!'

One other follower said: 'You're going to be the baddest mom in the game I love you @zonniquejailee 💕💕 fav.'

A fan said: 'Just fine 😻..... God took hot time with you pooh... blessing to you and the family,' and someone else posted this: 'congrats!!! that baby is gonna be gorgeous!!! u are gonna be an amazing mom.'

In other news, T.I.’s daughter,  Deyjah Harris  is really emotional, and she made sure to write the most loving and emotional message for her sister, Tiny Harris‘s daughter, Zonnique.

‘nique unique, I always tell you this, but I truly hope you never forget or doubt how much I genuinely treasure being in this world with a spirit like yours. I am so grateful to experience someone like you in this lifetime, and I’m really appreciative of the fact that I can say everyone else around you feels the same way that I do,’ Deyjah began her message.

Make sure to read the whole message that Deyjah penned for her sister.


The whole family is really excited these days following the great news that Zonnique delivered. Fans are also in awe.


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