Zayn Malik Calls Himself 'A 'S**t Person' And Fans Are Very Worried - Check Out His Response To The Concern!

Zayn Malik Calls Himself 'A 'S**t Person' And Fans Are Very Worried - Check Out His Response To The Concern!
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Fans of the former One Direction member got pretty worried upon reading the singer’s tweet in which he apologized for being a ‘s**t person’ without any context. It did not take long for Zayn’s dedicated followers to freak out, but he later returned to his platform to explain his post.

‘I’d like [to] apologize for basically being a s**t person,’ the tweet read.

Realizing he’d made his fans worry, the star explained that he just needed to vent online, as many others do, but that he’s alright.

‘Currently 😃 happy, could be happier. Thanks for all the love and thoughts yesterday just had a vent ha x,’ he wrote. What a relief!

As for his original tweet that sent fans into a panic, it did not even stay on the platform for long since he pressed delete soon after.

But of course, many of his 28 million followers had already seen it before it disappeared from the platform.

Upon reading his reassuring tweet, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

‘Jesus Zayn you had me worried! I’m glad to know you are better. Never doubt the beautiful person you are and how admirable you are. I love you so much baby,’ one follower wrote.

Another tweeted as well that ‘I’m glad you let us know you are happy. We were worried about you!’

It is clear that Zayn has a lot of people who love and care about him a lot.

And to further reassure them that he is doing well mentally, Zayn posted yet another positive message that reads: ‘Good morning! sending happy vibes and love.’

It sounds like his tweet filled with regret might have something to do with his ruined relationship with Gigi Hadid.

The two reportedly split during the holiday season again but the singer made it very clear that he was not over her when he tweeted at the beginning of his month: ‘@GiGiHadid love you.’

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