Younes Bendjima In More Trouble Following Lawsuit With Coachella Guard Whom He Assaulted

Younes Bendjima In More Trouble Following Lawsuit With Coachella Guard Whom He Assaulted
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Ever since Younes and Kourtney Kardashian broke it off, the former has experienced a litany of civil lawsuits for viciously attacking people, one incident which was featured on videotape and published by the entertainment news outlet, TMZ.

According to a report from Us Weekly, Younes assaulted a Coachella security guard last year and the young man is now suing Younes for several million dollars. Reportedly, the guard asked the judge to rule in his favor back in January.

On the 28th of January, Mario Herrara, the guard in question, requested that Bendjima lose the case by default because Mr. Bendjima hasn't responded to the civil suit. Back in October 2018, the guard asked the judge for the first time.

Upon Mario's request, the judge asked the security guard to serve up proof that he actually gave the 25-year-old boxer/model the official papers. The statement filed by Herrera asked for a total of $5.35 million.

He was served the papers on the 28th of January claims Us Weekly. Us and TMZ reported the incident occurred last year, and rumor has it that Younes violent and aggressive behavior is the reason for why Kourtney and he chose to call it off.

The altercation occurred when Younes tried to follow the KUWK star into a bathroom meant just for women. The guard told him he couldn't go in and Younes slammed Mario against the wall while yelling profanities. As a consequence of the attack, Herrera said that he had to go to the hospital to treat the injuries.

He's suing for emotional distress, negligence, battery, as well as assault, and his attorney suggested this was a case of a celebrity trying to use their status to get away with egregious misbehavior. His attorney said he was just doing his job, and that's it.

Back in August, TMZ reported on an incident where Younes viciously attacked a man outside a restaurant. Odell Beckham Junior and Drake were also present for the incident. The man filed a lawsuit against all of them, despite the fact the athlete and musician weren't involved.


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