Wendy Williams Was Reminded Of 'Childish Antics' When 'Disrespectful' 50 Cent Blocked Her From Attending His Party

Wendy Williams Was Reminded Of 'Childish Antics' When 'Disrespectful' 50 Cent Blocked Her From Attending His Party
Credit: Source: xxmag.com

50 Cent could not miss the opportunity to humiliate his biggest nemesis Wendy Williams when she attempted to attend his NYC pool party. As you may know, the rapper told security to give her a hard time upon arrival and now, one source tells HollywoodLife that she thought blocking her from entering the bash was very childish.

The talk show host was reminded of ‘childish antics,’ an insider dished.

However, she’s managed to find a silver lining in all the drama.

50 took to his platform to share footage of Wendy being blocked by a security guard from entering his famous pool bash and boasted about it.

‘She could not believe 50 would really have security block her from entering the venue and to make matters worse, even go on social media and brag about it after. It was a disrespectful move and Wendy wants nothing to do with 50 or his childish antics,’ the source explained how Wendy felt about the whole thing.

In reality, Wendy had no idea it was her enemy who hosted the party and was in charge of everything.

‘Wendy knew that 50 would be at the party but she wasn’t aware it was being hosted by him. There were a lot of celebrities in attendance and Wendy just thought the party would be a fun way to continue celebrating Kevin Jr.’s birthday. Wendy is just happy that she was eventually able to make her way inside the venue with her son where they brushed off the drama and focused on celebrating Kevin Jr.’

Wendy previously told her followers that she had been celebrating her son’s birthday all weekend so making the day great for him by being at that party was worth the drama with the rapper.

Later on, she posed for pics with the teen and with Snoop Dogg at the party, proving that in the end, she was not really an unwelcome guest.

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