Wendy Williams Reportedly Begged Networks For Her Show To Stay On Air

Wendy Williams Reportedly Begged Networks For Her Show To Stay On Air
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Wendy Williams is dedicated to her job, that much is clear. BET recently reported on the controversial television show host, claiming that the media personality demanded to continue production of her talk show in the face of nationwide shutdowns, especially in the entertainment industry, which has resulted in the temporary halt of many jobs.

Reportedly, the television show has been on hiatus since the 12th of March, after her network complied with the nationwide protocols and precautionary measures. Since then, Williams has been begging to get back on the air.

During an appearence on Dr. Oz, one of the remaining shows on the air this past Wednesday, Wendy explained that she wanted nothing more than to continue broadcasting for her fans and viewers. Williams claims she said to her bosses that she could do it on her own and without an audience.

But they simply told her "no," and that it was a bad idea. According to the host, they said to her there would be no Wendy Williams on the air, or anyone else for that matter, for the foreseeable future. Wendy claims she's more than ready to start broadcasting again.

And what's most ironic about the story is that just one day later, Dr. Oz's show was shut down on account of one of the staff members testing positive for COVID-19 . Currently, it isn't known whether Wendy has been tested for the illness either.

As it was previously reported, Wendy Williams and her show, among many others, have temporarily ceased normal operations as a consequence of the pandemic.

Thus far, officials and authorities have urged the public to keep a distance from other people and temporarily close up shops where large groups congregate including production sets.

While the pandemic is ongoing, Wendy, and other popular hosts, have found other means for communicating with their audiences, including on social media. It was reported earlier this week that people such as Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert have ramped up their content on Instagram and other platforms.

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