Wendy Williams Not Bothered By 50 Cent's Constant Attacks - She Thinks He's Obsessed With Her

Wendy Williams Not Bothered By 50 Cent's Constant Attacks - She Thinks He's Obsessed With Her
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The entire summer, the rapper has been targeting Wendy Williams on social media, dragging her and shading her every chance he got. However, the talk show host has not really been clapping back.

In fact, an insider report claims she thinks that 50 Cent is obsessed with her at this point and she really enjoys the attention and just rolling with the shade.

50’s latest attack was him badly photoshopping Wendy’s head on another woman back hugging him and writing ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ under it.

The woman was not surprised but nor was she bothered by it.

The insider dished to HollywoodLife that ‘Wendy is not surprised 50 Cent took another shot at her but she is not bothered. She was expecting it because she knows that he likes going back and forth with her. Wendy was not offended she has a good sense of humor, she can take a joke. If he wants to post pictures of them cuddled up on his Instagram page, who is she to argue.’

‘It’s starting to seem like he is a little obsessed with her and Wendy is actually starting to enjoy the attention from him. If 50 thinks he is upsetting her, he is way wrong.’

Since her talk show comes back for a new season tomorrow, September 16, it is safe to say that Wendy has the platform to fire back at the rapper if she wanted to.

However, it seems like she would rather not give him the attention and satisfaction of knowing he is getting to her.

Sure enough, ‘50 knows that he will have any clap back needed and ready if she ever goes after him on the talk show. It makes him happy to know he gets under her skin and will always be on her case.’

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