Wendy Williams Hires Famous Producer As New Manager After Ditching Estranged Husband Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams Hires Famous Producer As New Manager After Ditching Estranged Husband Kevin Hunter
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Wendy Williams has hired a new manager, as she continues to cut all ties with her estranged husband Kevin Hunter. She is pulling out all the stops when it comes to moving on and taking care of her empire.

The talk show host has added famous producer, Bernie Young, to be her manager now that she has ditched Hunter personally and professionally. A spokesperson for The Wendy Williams Show broke the news to Page Six about Williams' new team member. The same person also shared Young will only be her manager. He will not replace Hunter as executive producer on the daytime show.

There are reportedly no plans to replace Hunter as EP on the show, right now. In the interim, Williams will continue her role as executive producer, and she will be the only one at that level. It is not clear if that is a permanent decision or just one for the time being, while she deals with safeguarding her business during her divorce.

Young has an excellent track record in the entertainment business, so Williams is lucky to have him on board. He served as coordinating producer, then eventually executive producer on The Rose O'Donnell Show during its run. Young was also EP on the show Martha , from 2005 to 2012.

There has been no official word on the new management change from Williams, or the talk show. Young's team has not commented on his new gig either. However, the two were spotted spending time together this week. On Tuesday, Williams and Young were walking around New York City, with one of her bodyguards, after she finished taping her show.

Wendy Williams is moving on from her soon to be ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, at least from a business perspective. She has reportedly hired Bernie Young as her new manager. He will handle all of her business dealings, including her hit daytime talk show. The news comes one week after Hunter was officially relieved of his duties on the show .

Hunter no longer appears in the credits and reportedly has no further involvement in Williams empire. The manager change, as well as her estranged husband firing from the show, are just the beginning of changes the 54-year-old will endure over the coming months. She and Hunter's lives were intertwined for decades, it is going to take a while to untangle everything, but the mother of one is off to a good start.


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