Wendy Williams Calls Ex Kevin Hunter 'Dead Weight' After Fun-Filled Miami Holiday -- And Fans Are Here For It

Wendy Williams Calls Ex Kevin Hunter 'Dead Weight' After Fun-Filled Miami Holiday -- And Fans Are Here For It
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Wendy Williams is free from a toxic relationship after filing for divorce from Kevin Hunter. The talk show host spent her first major holiday without her ex in Miami with family that included her son, Kevin Hunter Jr.

Williams posted a lovely picture of her enjoying quality time with those closest to her after telling her studio audience on Wednesday that she would not be cooking for Thanksgiving. Instead, she would be supplying lamb chops for her family to enjoy.

After the holiday, the 55-year-old went to club Liv where she hung out with her broadcaster niece.

In a post commemorating the fun time she had in South Florida, Wendy captioned a photo with: 'But with dead weight gone & new life VERY clear I've discovered the BEST me ever. Wheels up..see you again soon Miami.'

The 'dead weight' she referred to definitely seems to be aimed at Kevin Sr.

Social media users caught the shade and are here for Wendy and her new life.


Her new bestie Nene Leakes said that she was happy for her.

One follower commented: 'Yassss Wendy!!! Soooo happy for u. 2020 is lookin real good'

Another added: 'Wendy I hope youHad a nice time with your family for Thanksgiving I don’t know who you became Wendy but I love it can’t wait to hear what’s coming on the show on Monday I love.'

'"DEAD WEIGHT" 💀💀 the shade!! 🤣🤣🤣.. Wendy!!!!' one commentator pointed out.

This fan offered advice: 'Yes. Call the weight what it is. DEAD 👏🏿 👊🏿 Keep going forward, Wendy. Happy for you.'

'Dead weight is right ! you are shining like a diamond Even more !! New Wendy is freaking awesome!' complimented one follower.

Wendy has made it a habit to tell her show viewers about her weekend and any other interesting events in her life during Hot Topics.

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  • Judie Roberts
    Judie Roberts Dec 1, 2019 11:10 AM PST

    If he would come back to Wendy, she would welcome him with open arms. She loves this man; and just putting up a front because she doesn't want people to call her out like she does other people. SAD, SAD, SAD.

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