Harry Connick Jr. Accuses Frank Sinatra Of Inappropriate Misconduct With Wife Jill Goodacre

Harry Connick Jr. Accuses Frank Sinatra Of Inappropriate Misconduct With Wife Jill Goodacre
Credit: Credit: CNN

Harry Connick Jr. has recently come out with a damning story about Frank Sinatra, accusing him of assaulting his wife and acting inappropriately around her in his own presence.

According to Connick Jr., the whole thing started during a performance in front of Sinatra, in which the singer choked up and forgot his lines, explaining that he completely blacked out from the gravity of the whole situation.

Afterward, Connick Jr. apparently felt like he had to apologize to Sinatra, and spotted him at a nearby lift.

Connick Jr. was together with his girlfriend, Jill Goodacre, who would eventually become his wife -- and the two approached Sinatra to explain the situation and offer an apology.

However, according to Connick Jr., by the time he could say anything at all about the way things went down, Sinatra had already approached Goodacre, exclaiming that she looked beautiful, and kissed her on the mouth.

Connick Jr. explained: “That was an unpleasant experience because as much as I wanted to sing for him and everyone else … I don’t get nervous, but I was really nervous about that, and I blanked out. I completely forget the words. I was with my wife, then my girlfriend, and then we saw Frank at the lift, and I said, ‘We should go, I need to explain myself.’”

He went on to say: “I said, ‘I’m sorry, I’m much better than what you saw,’ and he took my wife and held her face and said, ‘You’re beautiful,’ and kissed her on the mouth, and that’s that.”

He added: “I’ve never been able to sing for him again. It was probably unacceptable then, and it was a situation where it was an interesting thing. I think my affection for him in the context made it hilarious for her, but obviously, it’s completely inappropriate.”

The experience left a sour taste in Connick Jr.’s mouth, according to his recounting of the story.

Some have voiced their concerns about the fact that he waited for over two decades after the singer’s death to say something, but the overall climate in the entertainment world definitely was not very good for something like that earlier.

With that in mind, it is entirely possible that Connick Jr. was just waiting for the right time, and that he knew exactly what he was doing by delaying the revelation for so long.


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