Vincent Herbert Isn't Here For David Adefeso -- Leaked Messages Between The Two Makes It Clear

Vincent Herbert Isn't Here For David Adefeso -- Leaked Messages Between The Two Makes It Clear
Credit: Source: ATL Blackstar

Vincent Herbert and Tamar Braxton may not be together anymore; however, that doesn't mean he doesn't still have her back. In new leaked text messages, Vince let David Adefeso know what the deal is.

Tamar and Vince divorced after nearly a decade of marriage and co-parent their son, Logan. David recently broke things off with Tamar after the two got into a violent altercation as they were driving.

They have opposite stories concerning who the aggressor was.

While David claims Tamar punched him in the jugular during an argument and damaged his Rolls Royce, Tamar's camp claims that David was the one who assaulted her and has photos of the bruises to prove it.

The Nigerian businessman took to his Youtube to explain that he is a victim of domestic violence and is speaking up about the subject that also affects men.

In leaked texts obtained by Lailah Lynn TV, David reached out to Vince to speak about the incident and offer help if an emergency occurs. Vince then responds by saying that they aren't friends and said that he didn't like the way he threw out Tamar and Logan's things.

The ex-husband also tells her estranged beau that he will come to pick up the rest of their belongings with a police escort if that's what Adefeso wants.

'We are not friends. And we will never be after hearing how you treated Tamar on Sunday. My conversation with you yesterday was respectful and honest and you never mentioned what you said to her, how you threatened her, then called the police on her as if it wasn’t you on the tape that I heard threatening to kill Logan’s mother. After I make sure Tamar and Logan’s belongings are cleared out of your home, there is no need to contact you, nor for you to never contact Logan. I trust that you will have her watch that’s in your car, various boxes in Logan’s room, and everything else packed neatly so we can have this done privately and quickly.'

He also scolded David about the stunt he pulled where he shared a video of him and Logan having a beach day with his mom.

Hopefully, this situation doesn't escalate any more.


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